5-Step Guide to Combine Study and Work

Published On November 18, 2016 | By Alexis Johan | Education

Often online students ask themselves a tricky questions: how can I successfully deal with job and studies simultaneously? Don’t worry that both studying and working at the same time requires more sacrifices in comparison with common full-time students. Lots of students have already proved that this idea is workable and quite manageable. So the potential success depends completely on your motivation!

Prioritize Daily Tasks

Every person has been in a situation where they had to understand how to perfectly manage all their tasks in a given time frame. Once you choose distance education you will sooner or later enter the path of prioritizing your life. You may start from coming home from work as early as possible to have enough time to study, or adjust to a new daily routine and limit your free time activities. This will be your first significant step to managing your time.

Stay on Track

The next step regards your ability to organize your time, as it is a crucial skill in an attempt to successfully combine work and study. Many distance students falsely believe that distance learning differs from regular full-time study completely and probably is much easier. In reality, most programs for distance learning are designed to reflect nearly the same number of hours as a student will have on a regular full-time course/program.

Relax Regularly

A lot of online students wonder whether they will be able to keep themselves concentrated on both study and work. Bear in mind that you will sometimes feel exhausted and occasionally you will think that giving up either the job or the studies is a lot easier than managing everything at once. In other words, you will feel it as something bigger than just a distance education, which takes a big part of your life.

Sometimes you may feel extremely tired from all the pile of tasks and assignments you have to complete. But allow yourself some time to relax, even for thirty minutes every day. You can always rely on the best essay writing service UK to complete your challenging tasks, while you will be able to take a short break and simply relax and restore your energy. It’s very important to log off from your daily routine every now and then. It will surely have a positive effect on your efficiency and energy once you get back to your study or job activities.

Develop Planning Skills

Managing your time includes a careful planning of your daily, weekly and monthly studying activities. Once you get to know the study plan for a certain semester and become familiar with what time you’re expected to dedicate to your studies, you will be on half way to success.

A great and useful tip for planning your distance studies is to print your learning program for the following semester with information about all the courses, assignments, and deadlines. This will help you better plan your time and schedule.

Manage Time Like a Champ

Once you decide to become a distance learner, you will discover a new meaning of the word “time”. This notion will settle in your mind for the whole period of study and it will become your companion. However, remember that time is manageable, and we believe you will find a perfect solution how to balance and manage all your responsibilities.

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