6 Core Skills to Seek in Every CV

Published On July 13, 2018 | By Alexis Johan | Career

As part of a recruitment company in Bangkok, evaluating CVs of job candidates can become a cumbersome task. However, you can shortlist your choices for applicants more easily by looking for certain skills. These skills are not specific to a niche or industry. Instead, they are the type of attributes that can be used in all types of roles. Therefore, you need to seek skills that can be used to transition from one type of job to the next. Below are the primary skills that you should seek when reviewing CVs.

  1. Motivation

It is important, when reading CVs, to review the accomplishments of a candidate and find out more about what he or she contributed in his roles at various companies. Was he or she a go getter? Did they work to improve their business’s services? What kind of attitude did they exhibit? Motivation is also indicated by how a candidate performed academically.

What type of degree or level of training did the job candidate receive? Was he or she involved in extracurricular activities? You can tell a lot about a job candidate’s involvement by his or her participation. Clear examples of motivation can also be seen in volunteer activities and a candidate’s roles in clubs or professional organizations.

  1. Cooperativeness

The other core skill to seek is a candidate’s cooperativeness. Did he or she work well in a team setting? You can tell a lot about cooperativeness by reviewing a candidates’ contributions in team settings or how he or she assisted their peers to meet a goal or objective. A candidate should show how his or her accomplishments benefited the team in their company. To identify this attribute, you need to assess how the job seeker worked in team settings. How did the work that they did impact or support their business team?

  1. Sharing

One of the more important traits that a job candidate should possess is the ability to share and collaborate. Therefore, he or she should be able to build a good rapport with others. What relationships did the candidate form that assisted them in his or her job roles? Take a look at the reviews the candidate has received, for example, on professional social media sites, such as LinkedIn. This can provide you with a strong clue as to a candidate’s ability to share their knowledge and get along with others in their field.

  1. Strategizing

You also need to assess a candidate’s ability to strategize. That means reviewing any instances on the candidate’s CV where he or she was able to work strategically. This can be indicated by exhibiting a process or timeline of milestones that resulted in improved operations. Look at instances where a candidate demonstrated that he or she proved their ability to evolve in their career moves.

  1. Problem-Solving Abilities

A strong job candidate should also be able to resolve problems. You can find this in a person’s ability to define objectives, review various options, and evaluate circumstances. These abilities should be featured in a job candidate’s CV who is adept at working in venues where they had to meet specific challenges.

  1. Mediation

Also, check the mediation skills of a candidate. Identify the instances where the job seeker resolved disputes and handled a difficult situation, turning it into a favorable outcome.

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