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Published On November 25, 2016 | By Alexis Johan | Jobs

 It is well-known that a job market nowadays is full of various applications. Obviously, the more resumes exist, the less time a recruiter will spend reading each of them. It takes only 6 seconds to decide if the application has a chance.

Thus, your primary goal is to impress at first glance and provoke further interest. To get a professionally written resume or CV be sure to check resume writing service reviews first.

There are a few ways of making your resume alluring without shortening it and losing crucial information about your experience and achievements.

Emphasize Your Strong Side

Sometimes the best information about your professional accomplishments is not even noticed by the reader because resumes are likely to start with a general description or minor results. The idea to save all the juicy details about your progress for the end can kill your chances for success as a recruiter may never read it.

It is necessary to make sure all your strong sides are in the top sections so that reader’s eye could not miss them. Once you get the interest with keywords, you also gain more time for showing your other skills.

Use the Headings Wisely

To make your resume easy and fast to read, it is necessary to divide it into several sections with relevant headings that will help to find certain information about your competence. Usually, the power of headings is underestimated and standard phrases like “experience”, “education” and “skills” are used.

However, if you add just a few identifying words, your headings will not only help to navigate the resume, but also give some knowledge about your specialty. For example, they could be modified for “medical education”, “management experience”, “sales skills”. It will give extra details to the reader and might boost the interest.

More Attention to the Brands

Competing with famous brands on a job market is always a challenge. Some trademarks have a reputation that speaks for itself. There is no need to get upset if your label is still not one of them. It is possible to use the influence of well-known brand names to win a few minutes of recruiter’s time.

If you have job experience in such companies like Instagram, Prada, Samsung, emphasize this fact to grab more attention for your resume. There is no doubt that recruiter will check what tasks you had there and what you are capable of.

Dealing with brands give a certain guarantee of quality so make sure this information is highlighted.

Be Peculiar

The resume usually is all about showing your professionalism, career steps and, of course, it is the right thing to do. Nevertheless, it is only one side of your personality and giving the whole picture might help you to gain more points even if it has nothing to do with a position you are looking for.

If you want to grab recruiter’s attention you should not be afraid to surprise him with your personality. For instance, a nurse who is fond of parachuting or a designer who likes horse riding might sound like nonsense, but it makes the resume vivid and close to life. Something extraordinary facts about you can make not only read the resume but give the desire to get to know more about this person which will lead to an interview.

These ideas can help you to win recruiter’s interest and grab his attention during first few seconds. The good start is a half of success, but it is necessary to remember that all the other parts of your resume.

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