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Published On December 14, 2016 | By Alexis Johan | Education

Have you finished high school and are thinking about your next step? There are many different options available when it comes to tertiary education. You could choose from a wide range of certificate, diploma and bachelor degrees.

Some of the most popular courses can even be undertaken online. You could study a diploma of accounting online or even other fields like nursing, information technology or even art. There are many benefits to undertaking a course online as opposed to studying on campus.

Keep reading below to find out.

  • Wide range of courses available: As opposed to on campus courses which run only if there is a certain minimum number of students, an online course has no such restrictions. There are various programs and they all run even if there are only 5-10 students enrolled.
  • Lower overall cost: since there is no commuting cost and no course materials like textbooks required, the overall cost of an online degree or diploma is comparatively lower than a regular on campus course.
  • Comfortable learning experience: one of the key benefits of learning online is the comfort associated with learning from the comfort of your own private space. You won’t have to leave early from work to reach a scheduled class, get stuck in traffic or miss out on important family time as you are in control of your study progress. You can study from your bedroom or living room and no one would know. All you study materials will be sent out to you and your assignments dates given well in advance so you can plan your life and other commitments accordingly.
  • Greater concentration and interaction: Whilst there is debate over the fact that online classes provide more opportunities for face to face contact, it is actually not the truth. Online classes can help students who are shy to participate in online discussions and chats more as there is no pressure for in person interaction. Some students feel they concentrate more when they study online because there is less noise and chatter compared to in campus classes.
  • Multitasking: many students are able to multitask and do other things simultaneously whilst undertaking an online course as it’s flexible and gives them time to do other things like work full-time or manage family life or even do another course at the same.
  • Learning new technical skills: studying online means, you need to be equipped with basic computer skills and have the technical know how to operate a learning management system (LMS) and other related programs. This is a useful skill and might come handy when you apply for jobs as nowadays everything is becoming digitalised.

Now that you know the benefits of studying online, why don’t you apply for that course you have wanted to do for a while now?

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