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Published On December 2, 2016 | By Alexis Johan | Education

Your engineering career depends a lot on the college or institute, and to get into one, you have to focus on Joint Entrance Examination. JEE is conducted in two phases – Mains and Advanced. If you are willing to crack JEE (Main) exam, here are the 10 tips you would need.

  1. Don’t waste your time. JEE preparation should start right after Class 10. Is an engineer career the right option for you? For any kind of doubt, don’t miss on seeking career counseling.
  2. Having natural flair and interest for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics is important. Don’t jump for JEE just because everyone else is doing it.
  3. In the initial months, you have to spend some time in learning concepts. However, don’t stress. All you need is dedicated four hours each day, and you are good to go, especially right after class 10.
  4. Don’t stress. Nothing is going to work overnight and you cannot complete everything in a week. Mental peace is extremely important for long term learning.
  5. Self-study is very crucial for your overall growth. Don’t just rely on coaching institutes. It is vital to know more on your own, and there are many websites and apps for help. Spend at least an hour in regular revisions.
  6. Plan your time. There are limited days before you fill JEE main application form 2017, and therefore, you have to utilize the time and divide it between the three subjects.
  7. Don’t fear competition. It is important that you talk to your fellow students for understanding the concepts better. Discussions and debates can be a good way to clear doubts.
  8. You cannot learn it all! Yes, you read that right. Try to find the subjects and chapters that need more importance than others. It is important that you find the segments that need more attention and practice.
  9. Having a mentor is important. Don’t miss on talking to teachers beyond the classes. This will help your morale and confidence in a big way and will help in strategizing the learning process.
  10. Finally, be smart enough to choose the right books. There are too many books for JEE preparation, so make sure that you buy the right ones. Check with teachers and online forums to find ones that are important and offers good relevance.

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