Five High-paying Careers in Malaysia

Published On April 1, 2017 | By Alexis Johan | Career

Many people seeking a less expensive place to retire to consider countries such as Vietnam, Thailand or Malaysia in which to settle down. However, if they have not reached retirement age yet, they may wish to work for a few more years if they can find employment. If you are interested in moving to another country and changing careers, here are some occupations you should consider in Malaysia.

Information Technology Professionals

Demand for experienced, knowledgeable IT workers is always high all over the world. IT professionals who have experience connecting computers and other devices to company servers will find some of the highest paid jobs in Malaysia, starting at RM2,450 per month. Even though most young Malaysians are highly educated, these jobs need to be filled by professionals with experience connecting and troubleshooting hardware issues.

Geophysical Scientists

If you have a degree in the geophysical sciences, then moving to Malaysia can provide you with many opportunities. There are always job openings in the oil and gas industries within the country, and individuals with an education and experience in geophysics can make up to RM2,600 per month. Many companies need geophysicists to help them find new oil and gas deposits both in the country and wherever else they may have interests.

Electrical Engineers

Like IT professionals, engineers of all types are in high demand in many places around the world. In Malaysia, one of the highest paid positions is as an electrical engineer, which pays approximately RM16,503 per year. If you have a degree in electrical engineering, prepare a CV and look online for opportunities in a country where you may have an interest in living.

Media Planners

There is also a high demand for sales and other executive management positions in corporations, such as media planning and buying. While it would be helpful to have direct experience in helping to strategize advertising campaigns for large corporations, people with upper-level advertising sales experience may be a good fit as well. Search for media planning jobs in Malaysia, which can pay RM2,500 per month.


If you enjoy working with statistics and analysing information, then working as an actuary may be a good fit for you. Actuaries work with the financial and insurance sectors to determine statistics involving the life expectancy and income potential of people in various circumstances. An advanced degree in mathematics is required for this type of position, and actuaries can make up to RM2,476 per month.

Before submitting your CV to recruiters for any of these jobs, do some research on moving to Malaysia and seeking permission to work there. While many in-demand jobs are open to foreign nationals, Malaysian citizens will usually have the first shot at job openings.

In some fields, the government only allows Malaysian residents to fill job openings, so you need to find information on updated policies regarding hiring people from other countries. If you want to settle down in Malaysia, it is helpful to speak the main language, which is Malay, but English may suffice, depending on your career field.

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