Qualities You Should Look For In Fashion Industry Recruiters

Published On June 21, 2016 | By Alexis Johan | Jobs

The fashion industry is one of the most populated yet thriving industries around. Due to the industry being populated, sometimes fashion employers and employees find it hard to get the right means to bridge the gap of finding people who are up for the jobs.  This is where fashion industry recruiters come in. This is a special niche in the fashion industry business that aims at connecting fashion employers and fashion employees in a more official and legitimate manner. However, not all recruiters are best for the job or have your best interest at heart. Here are some useful tips on what qualities to look out for before seeking the services of one.


If you are outsourcing for recruiters you should get one that exhibits the most confidence. At this point, you want to trust in their recruiting abilities whether you are looking for clients or for a job. The key to gauging someone’s confidence is to ask them relevant questions and monitor how well they are able to respond.

Time management

In the recruiting business, one is always on their toes doing more than a hundred things at a go. Get a recruiter who knows how to keep appointments, pays a great deal of time and attention to detail, and has the ability to multitask. If your recruiter is too busy or disorganized then they might not be efficient, effective or successful thus they are not a good match for you and your business.

Excellent communication Skills

Communication goes both ways of listening and speaking. Listening is one of the most basic important qualities that fashion industry recruiters should possess. If you want to understand your client and know them in order for them to trust you, you have to be good at listening and paying attention to even the simplest detail of their life. Ask the right questions and give them room to answer.

A good Marketer

The fashion industry is all about selling both your product and your skill as it is what gets people to buy whatever you’re trying to sell to them. In this era, social media and other forms of digital advertising are key to promoting what you’re selling on a free platform. A good recruiter is one that sells your skill well and can take advantage of the social media spectra as a means to advertise.

It might take time and trial going from one recruiter to the other trying to find the perfect match for you. The above tips are only meant to help you get the best one out of the whole batch. For an employer, ensure you get fashion industry recruiters that can find the needle in the haystack for you. As an employee, try to get a recruiting agency that will hook you up with the best fashion employing firm you will be best suited as you look forward to a bright future in the business. Be wise and use the above guideline to get the best of the best.

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