Quantitative Data Analysis

Published On May 19, 2018 | By Alexis Johan | Education

It’s never feasible for anybody people to understand just how much the indegent live in our community as well as in around the globe, and it isn’t feasible for all of us to understand on quantity of infant deaths in Africa or elsewhere unless of course we understand how to do data analysis using advance data analyzing software like SPSS and STATA.

We’re also seeing new statistics being revealed by Worldwide Public Organizations like Un and World Health Organization. You will find regular surveys like Demographic and Health Surveys that are being carried out in developing countries to understand about different social, economic and reproductive health statuses of individuals living there. Nobody have money and time to go to and speak with a person residing in Pakistan to understand their social, economic and reproductive health status. Then the way we can tell that 276 infants are dying each year in Pakistan which many moms are dying because of pregnancy related complications? Yes we’re saying this with the aid of sampling. Sampling provides us a typical estimate that may be generalized for entire the world i.e. population under observation.

But all this isn’t mere to complete to take a seat on your pc table. You need to struggle for this first by developing questionnaires, then designing and pre-testing your field research methodology, writing note in your sampling frame after which visiting selected communities via a systematic method of get preferred results that’ll be appropriate for all. You need to make certain this whether your survey is a huge or perhaps a small one. A small survey with 20 respondents will offer you generalized information if all record and scientific rules are adopted.

If you wish to learn more about data analysis, you will have to learn Python. For using python for data analysis you will have to study about NumPy and Pandas, the third party packages for data analysis. St. Hua Private School is the ideal place to get knowledge on this course.

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