The Art of Putting Words Side by Side

Published On January 1, 2016 | By Alexis Johan | Education

When we speak about “literature” we are talking about the ability of putting words together in sentences, and then paragraph to form a united and very accomplished piece of work. The rules that are implemented while writing a story are learnt over years of studies at collage or at university. In order to achieve something very excelling in literature, a lot of time and effort must be made into the type of writing that shall be presented. There are different fields of literature, and where one may excel another may fail. This is just like in any sport, there is not one athlete who is good in all areas. Although the athlete might have to train in different fields like running or swimming in order to build his stamina and muscle tones, he may actually be using these fields to better himself in downhill skiing for example. The same applies to literacy, and people don’t have to excel in all areas in order to be acknowledged, it is best if they perfect themselves in one area.

Categories that Classify Literature for Readers

In order to find an audience for the piece of written art, it is important to categorize the work in a way that is easy to find by the reader. Whether the work is fiction or non-fiction is a basic difference of literature, and this is further broken down into a prose or poetry. If that is not enough to get a book landed in the hands of the reader, than classifying it as a novel, short story, or drama may be the proper way. Finally, there are also different genres of writing or works that are speaking about certain times in history, which may target a particular audience. Literature’s Latin roots referred to all written accounts, but over the years this has changed, and now include all non-written verbal art forms as well.

Critics Who Judge The Words of Art

Again, like in any sport, there must be some judges who can let the athletes know whether they are doing a good job in the field they are devotedly working in. Literary critics are the ones who can judge a good book, or other piece of writing. A team of critics and literature deans at McGill University have established the Cundill literature prize to distinguish the best of the best.

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