The Benefits of Attending an English Language Learning School

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The English language is perhaps the most widely learned and communicated language in the world. The benefits of acquiring the ability to speak and write English are numerous, and there are many great schools all over the world with the single focus of teaching English as a second language. These fabulous schools offer students the ability to live and learn in an environment where learning English is the primary focus and goal of all who attend.

Experts agree that it can be rather difficult to learn English if it is not spoken and heard on a regular basis. English language learning schools give students the opportunity to communicate with peers and teachers on a consistent basis, which makes learning the language much easier. If you, or your child, are thinking about attending one of these schools, here are some of the fantastic benefits you will experience and some tips on finding the right one.


Why Should I Learn English Abroad?

Obviously, many English language schools are located in native English speaking countries. Of course, you can probably find an English school pretty much anywhere in the world, but learning at a school whose teachers’ native language is English makes the process of learning the language much faster and easier. Students are constantly and consistently exposed to English because they are surrounded by people who speak the language. This helps them acclimate to the various intonations, accents, and pacing of English, which will help speed up their acquisition of the language.

In order to learn any language, it is necessary to be exposed to it on a daily basis, both in and outside of the classroom. The great part about an English school in Dublin, London, or any other native English speaking country is that once the class is over for the day, you will still be able to learn English by simply going about your daily business. You will learn new vocabulary and be able to practice your English skills in real life situations, which will make the processes much more enriching because you aren’t stuck in a dull classroom.

Learn English Abroad


Attending an English language school is a great way to learn about other cultures and make friends from all over the world. The melting pot that these schools provide will allow students to not only learn English, but also learn from each other. Learning about different cultures, religions, and languages is a fantastic character builder for people of all ages, and the sense of community that these schools offer is a really unique experience.


Choosing the right English language school is certainly something that requires a bit of research. There are monetary, location, and curriculum considerations that must be carefully thought out. These considerations are largely personal, but it is important to understand what you are comfortable with before making the investment. One thing to keep in mind is that paying a bit more money for a school in a great location can make a huge difference in your overall experience. Unfortunately, there are instances where a student will choose a lower cost school in a location where there simply isn’t much to do. Though these cases are rare, and students usually have a great experience, it is still important to do a bit of research on the location of the school because it may not be for everybody.

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Teacher and School Accreditations

Another crucial thing to consider before investing time and money in an English language school is the quality of the teachers. You must invest some time and energy in finding out as much as you can about who will be doing the actual teaching. Teacher biographies can usually be found on the school’s website, which makes learning about them rather easy. You want to make sure they have at least two or three years teaching experience, though there are also great first year teachers, as well.

Researching what qualifications, experience, and certifications the school’s teachers have is another important thing to be aware of. This is also true of the school itself. Any quality English language school will be accredited by various private and public teaching associations. This ensures that their teaching practices, administration, buildings, and resources are of the highest quality.

Teacher and School Accreditations

Course Flexibility and Cost

Choosing the right course, at the right cost, is probably one of the more important things to consider when looking at enrolling in an English language school. You certainly want to find the right length, difficulty level, and cost, which is not always easy. Some of the better English-language schools will offer their students a variety of courses and course durations. This makes finding the right programme for your specific needs rather easy.

It is important to keep in mind that one to one, exam preparation, and business English courses may also be available. One to one courses are perfect for students who don’t have a lot of time, because they are uniquely designed around the specific parts of the language that you need to work on.

Exam preparation courses are recommended for students who want to focus on the key testing areas of the English language they will need in order to pass the various university entry exams.

Business English is great for students who want to expand their English language skills to the business realm. Enrolling in a business English course will help students understand the somewhat complex jargon used in the business world.

Ongoing Education Online

Where to Start?

The best place to start looking at English language schools is on the Internet. Many of the best schools in the world have fantastic websites where you can find pricing, location, and course information. These sites are extremely detailed and offer their visitors the information they need to know what the school is all about. Learning English is an investment that is sure to pay off. Time and effort are required, but the unique experiences these schools offer are something that you will remember for the rest of your life.

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