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Ticket selling jobs require some qualities which most people don’t have. You need to be very energetic and have the skill to talk as well as convince other people in order to become a good ticket seller. If you think you have these desired qualities in you, then IBIZA will be the best place where you can get the best reward for your qualities.

You will have to sell tickets to the customers in IBIZA and other people in different clubs and events. You will also have the facility to meet new people. Your basic work will be to convince these people to buy a ticket from you for IBIZA events so they can enjoy the best event in town.


For the job of a ticket seller in IBIZA, you need to be self-motivated. You need to enjoy your job with full energy. Talking to different people and convincing them may be a difficult task but you have to master it to get this job. Other than that, you should also have good communication skills so that you can convey your message in an effective way.

There is another way of doing this job which most of the people prefer and that is to have a partner. It is always best to have someone with you when you are trying to convince other people. Your partner will provide you support and they should be a self-motivated person like you. The ability to accept a no and to stay positive is also one of the most important requirements for this job.


There are many advantages of being a ticket seller in IBIZA. The first advantage is the flexible timing. Ticket sellers mostly start their work late like around 11 am so that they can match the wake-up time of the party lover and they will work till 6:30pm. After that, you can go to attend different parties and events where you can meet a lot of people who can buy tickets from you.

You can also get the VIP entry in a club or an event if you are a good ticket seller. Working late will be an advantage because the next day you don’t have to get up early to start the day. You can take plenty of time to rest and go to work. Another advantage of joining ticket selling job in IBIZA is that you can earn a good amount of commission on every ticket you sell. This commission will be from €10 to €15 which makes €500 per week. This income will definitely allow you to enjoy the IBIZA lifestyle.

Apart from this commission, best ticket sellers also get different bonuses, fun days and an access to the guest list of some events so they can be contacted easily to complete the sales target. So, if you think you have the qualities to become a good ticket seller, it is best to go to IBIZA to get the appropriate reward for your efforts.

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