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Published On July 5, 2016 | By Alexis Johan | Education

We all rely on various Office applications a lot of the time, from using Excel to keep track of our personal finances through to Word to write reports for work purposes. There is one application that is popular with business and home users and that is SharePoint and it is important that you learn how to use SharePoint correctly in order to get the most out of it.

What is SharePoint?

First of all, let’s establish exactly what SharePoint is:

SharePoint is an application that organisations use that combines the use of everything from intranet systems to personal clouds. They are often used alongside other useful things such as Office web apps and you can organise professional SharePoint training from the specialists at Solutions Developed to help you and your employees to understand exactly how it works. It was first introduced in 2001 and has since had various changes and updates made to it, such as improving the way it operates and making it easier to use.

New versions are available every few years and it is always being upgraded to ensure that users get the most out of this notably useful application.

It can be used for all of the following purposes:

  • Sharing
  • Accessing
  • Storing
  • Organising

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You will need a web browser in order to use it such as Chrome, Explorer or Firefox and you will be able to manage all of your information from nearly any type of modern device.

You can customise your Office365 plan, which is what you will need to organise in order to access SharePoint and this is important for many businesses as well as home users.

Common Uses

SharePoint is used for a number of different reasons, including the following:

  • Personal clouds
  • Document management
  • Enterprise Content
  • Corporate social networking
  • Software framework

SharePoint integrates with Microsoft Office and it is commonly used for retaining documents, record management and identification purposes. The application uses OpenXMLto integrate with Microsoft Office and the metadata uses this format for storage purposes as well.


When you invest in SharePoint, you will need to organise SharePoint training from a specialist company and there are lots of SharePoint technologies that you can purchase, including the following:

  • SharePoint Server
  • SharePoint Online
  • SharePoint Designer 2013
  • SharePoint Foundation
  • OneDrive

You will need to work out which of the SharePoint technologies you will benefit from using and you can get professional advice to help to ensure that you make the best decision based on your needs and of course – your budget.

Any good training company will be able to take you through all of the information that you need in order to learn what you need to do in order to use your SharePoint technology properly and you should try to use a training company that will also provide you with documents that you can take away with you for referencing later on.

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