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Published On May 20, 2016 | By Alexis Johan | Jobs

Your business is going through a growth spurt, and that can mean filling or creating new management roles. Lower Canadian dollars have typically driven up exports to the United States, which means that many GTA businesses are looking to expand their operations. Your business is facing a lot of questions, though. How long will the growth trend continue? How do you hire the right people for new SCM jobs? You have to make time to do interviews, background checks, and so much more. Recruiting new employees takes extra work. Thankfully, there are supply chain recruiters in Toronto who can answer your questions and help you through the process. Your company needs a supply chain recruiter who will take the time to understand your business and find the applicants that meet your expectations.

Supply chain recruiters in Toronto will evaluate your company’s needs and match them to their vast networks of talent. Business today have to offer competitively priced products and keep operating expenses down, you need someone who will understand your company’s goals, find efficiencies in your transportation and warehousing system, and negotiate lean deals with suppliers. The right person will be able to access your needs and jump on board to make it happen, but the job market for SCM right now is often in the seeker’s favour. One supply chain recruiter, Argentus Search Group, focuses on SCM and logistics to better concentrate on meeting their clients’ needs in a high-demand vertical.

A great SC manager is capable of working with their team, building and maintaining supplier relations, and keeping operations running without any hiccups. They do their job well and expect the team to do so also. They enlist people who can help them do the job right without having look over their shoulder. When you have great managers in place, you can focus on strategic plans and implementing your vision for the company. However, you may not have the resources to find the right hire on your own. That’s where firms such as Argentus Search Group in Toronto, one of the only search firms in the GTA that are tailored to the SCM market, can help.

Will You Have to Train Extensively?

When you need someone who is able to join the company and hit the ground running, to be effective and to come with experience in similar positions, then supply chain recruitment agencies in Toronto can deliver the answer. There will always be an adjustment period, but you can keep training to a minimum by hiring experienced managers.

The Contingent Workforce

The Canadian economy is changing and unpredictable. The job market is always changing and companies change with it, too. If you’re uncertain about the future, you may want to consider using contingent staffing solutions to meet today’s uptick in business. The contingent workforce is becoming the new standard for employment in the world across industries, including the supply chain. Companies are realizing that they can trim their payroll costs with contingent solutions offered by Argentus Search Group. Today’s workforce doesn’t want to be tied down the way it used to be, and expect nimbler employment opportunities. It’s time to adapt to the changing workforce.

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