What are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Travelling Nurse Jobs?

Published On July 23, 2016 | By Alexis Johan | Jobs

Recognised nurses travelling to various destinations other than where they permanently reside have taken up travel nursing jobs. They would be required to work on temporary nursing jobs. However, what is a travelling nurse and how did it come into being? The baby boomer generation has come of age. Quite a few of these senior citizens would be required to be taken care of, either in the healthcare facility or at their home. These people would require critical care that only a recognised nurse could provide.

Due to erratic demand, several facilities started hiring nurses for short-term assignments. That implies they were not permanently employed with these facilities. Moreover, in effect these nurses were only on-contract. This method served the facilities decently well, as they could either terminate or extend a contract based upon the demand. A survey conducted revealed that US alone would feel the dearth of nursing staff in the coming years. It implies even more income and benefits to travelling nurse. Various healthcare facilities would be ready and willing to offer additional money and benefits to nurse staffing agencies to come forth with the limited available travel nurses.


Nursing specialities in demand

Some of the nursing specialties that have been in great demand are RN Jobs, psychiatric travel nursing, LPN Jobs, CNA Jobs, Nursing Management Jobs, Mental Health Nursing Jobs, Forensic Nursing Jobs and Certified Registered Nurse Anaesthetist. However, the demand for travel nurses have existed in the US, a plethora of nurse staffing companies have been made available in Florida, California, Hawaii, Arizona, Texas, Nevada and Ohio. These companies have started taking the lead in the promotion and recruitment for nursing jobs across the nation.

How to these nursing recruitment agencies work

Nursing recruitment agencies would hire licensed nurses and send them on temporary or per diem assignments to any facility of their choice. Various nursing staffing companies have been known to offer various benefits such as signing bonus, higher salary, furnished housing, relocation reimbursement, free companion or pet accompany, life insurance, dental & vision, medical, education benefits, 401-k Plan, completion bonus and licensure reimbursement.


Apparently, the high quality benefits offered by these companies would result into less pay-in-hand. They would provide you benefit from the money they have decided to provide you. It would in turn be paid to them by the healthcare facility. However, after deducting the profit margin and operating costs, they would decide on the candidate nurses package. Therefore, you should choose an agency, nursing job and healthcare facility prudently.

In case, you have been licensed from the state, you would be able to work in any of the other states, which are a part of the NLCA or Nurse Licensure Compact. Otherwise, you would be required to obtain a state license.

Consulting a tax expert

As a travelling nurse, amongst the various points to be kept in mind, you would be required to consult tax expert prior to accepting tax-free money with respect to housing benefits. This tax-free money might be inclusive of travel, meals, actual and housing. In case, you maintain a home, which is your permanent residence, but you reside somewhere else, as you are a travel nurse, you would be liable to receive a tax-free ‘per diem’ constituent.


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