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Published On February 9, 2016 | By Alexis Johan | Education

The English language is the true lingua franca of the world. Thanks to the vast, uncompromising reach of the British Empire, and the cultural exports of the English-speaking United States of America, English has dominated various industries and communications for decades. Air traffic controllers have to speak English to their pilots in every country around the world. International scientific papers must be published in English, not German, as was once the case, thanks to the flight of Germany’s finest scientific minds to Britain and the United States in the 1940s. Even diplomats must learn to speak English, as keynote addresses at the United Nations and tense, world-defining meetings are held in English, albeit with translators. Perhaps the combination of Germanic, Latin, and Greek influences made English easy to learn for foreigners, or maybe it was just the saturation of radio airwaves by English-singing pop groups like The Beatles, but today an ability to speak fluent English is an absolute career must in every country around the world.

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Where Should You Learn English?

The question most often asked by non-native English speakers, particularly those in countries where English is not the official language, is where to go to improve their English skills. This is particularly tricky, as many non-native English speakers might not be aware that Australian English differs considerably from New Zealand English, despite the degree of mutual intelligibility between the two. The native Irish language influences Irish English, and United States English is different from its mother tongue as well. There’s even a notable difference in pronunciation, spelling, and grammar between the United States and Canadian English that may go entirely unnoticed by those to whom English is not their first language.

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The only standardised, internationally recognised dialect of English is that which is taught in England itself. British English is the mother tongue from which all other dialects have sprung, and is accordingly intelligible to all English speakers and readers around the world. Learn English in London to take advantage not only of the city’s vibrant, bustling culture, but daily opportunities to practice your newfound skills in syntax and pronunciation among native English speakers from a variety of backgrounds.

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Choosing the Right School for You

When you’re looking at competing English schools in London, you’ll always want to find the best education that you can. Education is the most valuable commodity in the world, after all. Accreditation from the British Council is an absolute necessity for any worthwhile school of English, as is flexibility with the course schedule. London’s an exciting city, but an expensive one to live in, and you’ll want to make the most of your stay there. You should, in that case, be able to shape and mould your course to suit your needs, studying as often and as much as you’d like to fit around your busy work and social schedule. On that note, make sure the institute you choose to work at offers generous student support so you’ll be taken care of during your stay in the British capital.

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